We at Hospitality Intelligence take these core values seriously. Our values guide how we recruit our team, how we interact with our partners, and how we conduct our business:


+ Passion for Hospitality: Our passion for all of hospitality (attractions, entertainment, food & beverage, restaurant & cafe, travel & tourism, ...) generates creative solutions, a focus on the customer experience, and a commitment to  the success of your business.

+ Long-term Relationships: We seek and commit to partnerships, not just clients or customers. Our focus on long-term relationships promises our commitment to integrity and quality, and our desire to execute long-term, win-win collaboration.

+ Professional Communications: Hospitality Intelligence believes in approachable, respectful, and direct communications with all individuals, including our partners and all members of the hospitality industry.  Our application of professional communications ensures productive interaction with our clients, and it has established and continues to grow our wide network.  


Our mission is to help your company deliver a world class guest experience through the professionalization of safety, operations, and guest service & recovery.  



Hospitality Intelligence comprises a variety of backgrounds and expertise to bring your company the most innovative business development & marketing strategies and the most relevant market and customer intelligence in your industry. All consultants are trained in market intelligence methodologies and specialize in how to do business in the globalized, cross-cultural marketplace. Moreover, our consultants hold professional experience & networks in numerous industries, including but not limited to the following:


+ International Business

+ Amusement Parks & Attractions

+ Restaurant & Cafe

+ Food & Beverage

+ Tourism & Travel

+ Aerospace & Defense 

+ Government 

Anna (Holt) Danau
Chief Consultant

Originally from Tennessee, the land of hospitality, Anna is Managing Director of Hospitality Intelligence LLC, a safety, operations, and guest service consultancy company. She has been living in Vietnam for the past four years, working with Hospitality partners across Asia to boost safety standards, improve training methods, and execute world-class service & operations. Additionally, she works with partners who are interested in using technology to improve safety and partners who seek to work across cultures while maintaining world class safety and guest service. In her free time, she performs (with a pink wig!) in the educational Vietnamese YouTube television station POMPOM4Kids, in her show, "Anna and the POMPOM Band!"


Anna carries over ten years of global affairs & international business experience across a variety of entities, with missions spanning from international government development, diplomacy, intelligence, and security & defense, to food & beverage, restaurant & cafe, tourism & travel, and attractions. She served as a Strategy Manager for the international offices of a large U.S. firm. In this role, she provided market, customer, and competitive intelligence analysis to support business development efforts. Moreover, Anna trained the international offices on the application of cultural awareness, historical context, and current global environment issues to strategy design. She now applies her intelligence and international business backgrounds to the global hospitality and attractions industries. 

Anna is certified in Levels I & II SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professional) certifications, and a graduate of the Thunderbird Global Business Executive Program. She holds a bachelor's degree in International Affairs/Sociocultural Anthropology from The George Washington University and a master's degree in Foreign Service/Security Studies from Georgetown University.


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