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The J-1 Preparedness Program

The J1 Preparedness Program bridges the context and confidence gap with training and mentorship BEFORE students arrive to the United States.

Many J1 Students...

• Have very little knowledge about U.S. amusement and attractions (safety standards, guest service standards, etc.)

• Have English skills, but without industry-specific terminology, or they feel shy to speak in English.

• Have never been to the U.S. and experience unsettling culture shock when they arrive.

Which for Employers Means...

• Often only trained in simple jobs (kiddie rides, back-of-house jobs, etc.)

• Lack confidence when handling safety issues

• Lack confidence when interacting with guests

• Do not want to work in the sun

• Are unhappy with job and living circumstances

• Do not want to return next season

• Do not recommend job to other J1 students


How Do We Solve These Challenges?

What is the J1 Prep Program?

Pre-Arrival Course Examples:

- Introduction to Amusement Parks & Attractions Course
- Introduction to Attractions Safety Course
- All About the USA Course
- Work Ethic and Etiquette Course  
- Cultural Awareness Course
- Attractions English Course

The Program also provides:

- Ongoing networking and support community
- Mentor Program 


How is the Program delivered?


How can we work with you?

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